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Crystal Hamby (Stelzer)

Wisdom Through Nature

Crystal's knowledge stems from her devotion to all things green, and from her education in
herbal medicine.  Crystal holds a bachelor's of science in Herbal Medicine from Bastyr University, where she is an adjunct faculty member teaching classes in the Botanical Medicine department.

She believes that everyone can benefit from the healing power of plant medicine, whether they wish to incorporate herbal medicine into their personal/family health care, they desire to learn more about the local medicinal plants and their uses, or they would like to learn how to transform medicinal plants into a bevy of herbal preparations to help support good health for themselves and their household.

It is her desire to bring the simple art of herbal medicine back into the lives of those in her community so that she may inspire and educate those around her to live a more healthful life. Crystal's goal is to assist her clients in discovering how herbal medicine can be incorporated into their life, as well as to bring an affordable and effective form of health care to her community.

Crystal Will Help You:

  • Utilize herbal medicine to support a healthy body, mind and soul for self and family.
  • Make an herbal plan to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn the safety issues of medicinal plants and help assess herb/drug interactions.

  • Learn about the plants growing in your neighborhood, on your land, in the wild, and what they can be used for.
  • Become familiar with the traditional and current uses of a number of medicinal plants by introducing you to their materia medica.
  • Learn how to properly identify plants in the wild.
  • Discover how to harvest plants: including how to properly dry plants for storage.
  • Learn how to prepare a bevy of medicinal herbal preparations.

Crystal is a Member of the Following Organizations:

  • American Herbalists Guild
  • American Botanical Council

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